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Following the first two expeditions in 2003 and 2013 which took our fishing longboat rowers from Sept Iles to Trois Pistoles and then from Trois Pistoles to Montreal as they sailed up the Saint Lawrence river, the 2017 Newfoundland project will bring the rowers to these cold waters of northern Canada where they will this time travel along the coast of Newfoundland as well as that of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
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In July 2017, a mixed crew composed of rowers from the Basque Country, Saint Pierre and Miquelon and the province of Quebec will sail the waters of the south coast of Newfoundland as well as those of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, that is to say a distance of 400 kilometers to be covered in 10 stopovers. The fishing longboat will act as a link between the first Basques who landed on the North American continent in the XIVth century and the new generation of Basques, Bretons and Normans who have settled in this region

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Above and beyond the sports challenge, we wish to associate a significant culturel aspect with the expedition.

Our friends from Saint Pierre and Miquelon, whose concern is to revive their cultural origins, are helping us to set up a program of cultural and gastronomic exchanges in association with the expedition.

Thus, 10 musiciens will provide entertainment on our stopovers as well as at the great Basque festival in Saint Pierre. To enhance our program ,  scolastic exchanges along with exhibitions related to the Basque Diaspora and of course the promotion of our local gastronomic products are included.

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